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BBQ Pic Hat + Hoodie + Scraper Bundle

BBQ Pic Hat + Hoodie + Scraper Bundle

Thank you for purchasing your very own BBQ Pic. You're not only keeping your family safe by not using BBQ brushes, with each sale of a BBQ Pic, a percentage goes to help find a cure for MS.

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BBQ Pic Closed-Back Structured Cap | Flexfit 6277 (Size)
BBQ Pic Hoodies (Color)
BBQ Pic Hoodies (Size)
Save some money by getting the BBQ Pic Hat +Hoodie + Scraper Bundle where you can be stylish while barbecuing for your friends and family.


304 Grade Stainless Steel

Shipping & Returns

Canada Post. Return Policy.


9 3/4"x1"x1/8"

Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe

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Great Choice!

By investing in the BBQ Pic you will safely clean your BBQ in an easy, efficient, and effective way.