The Ultimate BBQ Cleaning and Safety Tool

Stop living on the edge using BBQ brushes to clean your BBQ - Get an edge with the Revolutionary BBQ Pic.

The BBQ Pic is an important safety tool that was made to stop people from ingesting metal bristles causing internal injuries, a perforated gastrointestinal tract or death.

It cleans every model of BBQs with it's patented and unique design. Easily clean on the top and bottom of your grate and every nook & cranny. It's a white label/print on demand product that you can personalize with your business or brand's logo which brings your business Top of Mind when your customer uses your BBQ Pic.


The BBQ Pic was invented in 2017 by our Founder & CEO Victor Noel of St.Paul and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who saw a great need to replace the incredibly dangerous BBQ brushes that have been sending people to Emergency rooms and sometimes causing death.

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Effective, efficient, and easy-to-use

  • Scrapes on top and bottom of grills

  • % of sales goes to Charities such as the MS Society to help find a cure

  • White label so you can have your business logo on it (Minimum 500 BBQ Pics)

  • Stops the vicious circle of throwing out BBQ Brushes, reducing landfill waste

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Grandpa Joe

"Now that we have the BBQ Pic we don't have to worry about our grand children having to go to the emergency whenever we have BBQs."

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Scientist does not recommend brushes

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With a (MOQ), minimum order quantity of 500 BBQ Pics or more, you receive a FREE wood display for your store that you can have at your checkout.

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Team up with BBQ Pic and support the programs or causes of your choice with your business/brand and program/cause logos on the BBQ Pic raising awareness about you and what you care about.

Our program is very simple, you receive our wholesale rate (MOQ of 500+); the more you sell, the more you earn!

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