Edmonton's Food Bank

Buy One, Give One Campaign
In Support of Edmonton's Food Bank
The Sauce Choice 3 - select three sauces per order = $25
Contact us here or by phone on 780.914.9315 (Vic Noel)
- People purchased -
Sauces donated and delivered to Edmonton's Food Bank = 26
3-pack purchase for Edmonton's Food Bank  = 5
Sauces to be delivered = 8
Thank you for your support!
Corporate Sponsorship
In Support of Edmonton's Food Bank
Coming soon: Salmon & Peanut Butter - protein for families in need
People purchased:
Salmon & Peanut Butter donated and delivered to Edmonton's Food Bank = 0
Salmon & Peanut Butter to be delivered  = 0 
Residential Sponsorship
In Support of Edmonton's Food Bank
Oatmeal breakfast - protein for children
People purchased:
Oatmeal breakfasts donated and delivered to Edmonton's Food Bank = 1
Oatmeal breakfasts to be delivered  = 0
How we support Edmonton's Food Bank
 A percentage of the proceeds of our sales support this program
For every 20 x 3 pack of sauce sold, 1 can of salmon  or 1 jar of peanut butter, or a 12 pack of oatmeal, is delivered to Edmonton's Food Bank This program supports providing healthy, protein-based meals to Edmonton's Food Bank
Want to make a monetary donation?
Monetary donations are collected directly through the website of Edmonton's Food Bank: 
View our approval from Edmonton's Food Bank here