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The story about one of the safest BBQ cleaning scrapers in the World.

About Us Photo for BBQ Pic of CEO Victor Noel and Digital specialist Jonathan Holeton

Inventor, Founder, and CEO, Victor Noel, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, created the BBQ Pic back in 2016 when he saw a need to use a safe alternative to the dangerous BBQ brushes.

On December 26th, 2022, inventor Victor Noel called Jonathan R. Holeton of St. Paul, AB, whose wife Arla owns a cleaning business, to suggest that they add BBQ cleaning to her services using the BBQ Pic, a safe alternative to BBQ brushes that Victor had invented.

Jonathan helped Victor design a website for the BBQ Pic Shopify store, which they submitted to retailers like Canadian Tire, Walmart, and Rona. Victor had previously sold 10,000 BBQ Pics to meat shops in the US and Canada and wanted to expand sales.

Jonathan is supporting Victor's goal of selling more BBQ Pics to help raise money for MS research to cure MS and to stop people from having to get emergency surgery after swallowing metal bristles from BBQ brushes.

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Show the world you support BBQ Pic's mission to Save Lives and to Clean the World's BBQs for Life! When you proudly wear BBQ Pic merch, you not only support our mission but also MS Canada's goal to cure MS with a % of each BBQ Pic sale going to raise funds for MS research.

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